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Underrated Telugu/Tollywood Movies That You Must Watch!

Some of my non-Telugu friends keep complaining that Telugu movies are mostly "love stories" and they are ages behind Bollywood/Hollywood. Labeling an entire industry just based on some movies is completely unfair to the good movies. I am tired of explaining it to many people that they are watching the wrong kind of movies and judging the entire industry. So I have decided to make people more familiar to some amazing Telugu movies in blog posts.

This blog post is about those underrated Telugu movies that may have not done well at box office, but later on grew like a slow poison and developed a cult following. As I kept listing down such movies, I realized that most of them have common directors/story writers. So I am going to categorize by the director/story writer mostly.

Chandra Sekhar Yeleti and Gunnam Gangaraju:
They my favorite duo though they haven't done many movies. They have collaborated together for some of the best movies like Aithe, Anukokunda Oka Roju, Little…

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