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Open When Letters - Open When We Are Fighting

This week's letter in Jan-Feb Valentine series is "Open When We Are Fighting" letter😃😋
Cover: On the envelope, I *tried* to sketch our Sith Lord and Savior Palpatine.  But he looks like a witch with a bad hair day :-/. I also sketched 2 stick figures fighting with each other asking each other to die.

In the letter, I mentioned some quick fixes that may work in case of each other's faults. I added this sketch of the famous image - where a guy extends his umbrella to his wife even though he is mad at her. But since the guy's hand turned out to be too long, I made him a mutant.

I have also added a Kit Kat chocolate in this envelope which we already ate. So I don't have the pic of it. It's meant to take a break from the fight and have Kit Kat.


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