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30 day challenge : No sugar

I know it's not the month end. I have taken 2 challenges. So I decided to post one of it today.
From the title, you would have understood what is the challenge. But let me break it down further.

Rules of the challenge:
Do not consume sugar in following ways:
1. No direct addition of sugar to tea/coffee/drinks etc.
2. No consumption of products that have sugar ingredient - this eliminates most of the processed foods! This means no sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits/cookies, sodas, ketchup, jam, nutella etc.
Watch out for sugar in other forms in ingredients like fructose.

You can still consume carbs which will ultimately turn to sugar in body like rice. No restriction on fruits and dry fruits. Jaggery and honey are allowed too. These are basically natural sugar.

Why you should take this challenge?
In one line, sugar is a plague.

More details:
Less sugar consumption will avoid diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cholesterol, weight gain & obseity, tooth decay, getting all hyper, pi…

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