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Motivation - Not Quite Our Tempo

Preface if you haven't watched Whiplash movie(if watched, you can skip this): Whiplash is a movie where a drummer is mentored and pushed very aggressively by Terrence Fletcher. All that abuse ultimately leads to the best drum solo performance at the end of the movie. "Not my tempo" is what Terrence Fletcher repeatedly says through out the movie when the drummer doesn't perform well.

When I watched Whiplash, all I could think was - I need a mentor like Terrence Fletcher, only then I will be able to do something with my life. The thing is -  in reality, as you may have already realized, the moment you become an official adult, all such mentors who may have pushed you when you were a kid disappear. You are no more a kid. The entire part of being an adult is to steer your life in the direction you need to - all by yourself. But we are fickle. Sure, on a best day, you will wake up early, go for a run, eat clean & healthy, work on your goals and spend time with family &…

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